Bedrosians Introduces Made in USA Magnifica Porcelain Slabs

Magnifica® Porcelain 2cm countertop in Statuarietto polished Photo: Photographer: Rebekah Westover | Designer: Remedy Furniture and Design | Builder: RC Dent Construction

Magnifica® Porcelain 2cm countertop in Statuarietto polished
Photographer: Rebekah Westover | Designer: Remedy Furniture and Design | Builder: RC Dent Construction

Bedrosians Tile & Stone is excited to announce an amazing new countertop solution — the Magnifica® Porcelain Collection, which now offers 2cm porcelain slabs – the first ever made in the USA!

Fabricators are drawn to this new size because it transports, fabricates, and installs as easy as natural stone and quartz countertops. Designers and homeowners love its stunning beauty, cross-functionality, and supreme durability that surpasses quartz, offering a green product without any resin fillers.

“This is the most durable, cross-functional, and beautiful countertop solution we’ve offered yet,” says Alicia Bedrosian, Magnifica Porcelain Product Manager and someone who has installed the Magnifica in her own home. “I’ve been in the tile and stone industry my entire life and I can hardly tell the difference between natural stone and Magnifica Porcelain panels. At Bedrosians, we believe Magnifica is the future of porcelain.”

Fine marble and natural stone surfaces are synonymous with luxury, but maintenance and upkeep require a little or a lot more effort depending on the stone — especially with busy families and active households. However, with Magnifica Porcelain, Bedrosians offers an amazing compromise that marries the look of stunning natural stone with the easy maintenance of porcelain, delivering high-end looks with all the benefits porcelain tile is famous for! Watch this video to learn why this product is a wise choice for families.

Magnifica is large format porcelain, offered in sizes as large as 60” x 127” and as small as 30” x 15” with thicknesses ranging from 2cm to 8mm and 6mm. You can use porcelain the same way natural stone has been used for ages — as beautiful residential and commercial surfaces, indoors and outdoors! The outstanding organic looks are created by taking real stone slabs, scanning them and replicating them on porcelain panels. You get an unparalleled durability from Magnifica compared to natural stone and quartz. It’s a solid surface that’s shock-proof, heat-proof, acid-proof, and of course, spill-proof!

Benefits of Magnifica Porcelain

  • Low maintenance
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Varied sizes, profiles and finishes work for different surfaces
  • Lightweight and sustainable
  • Easy to fabricate, transport and install
  • Perfect for exterior applications

For more information about Magnifica, visit here.

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