Design Beyond Fashion: Timeless Tile Collections from Isla Tiles

Shibusa from Isla Tiles Ceramiche

Shibusa from Isla Tiles Ceramiche

Cutting edge materials that go beyond mere fashion. Marble and wood are the inspiration for the two new porcelain stoneware collections from Isla Tiles.

SHIBUSA is a refined reworking of wood, a designer collection in porcelain stoneware which proposes an idea of almost abstract beauty, elegant and sophisticated. The sense of balance and harmony is evident from the configuration of the surface veining, ordered in a simple, regular patterning, and the decorative square effect and ideogram pieces.

SELEZIONE MARMI is destined to leaving a lasting mark, in contrast to the ephemeral nature of fashion. This collection from Isla Tiles, dedicated to the material the Greeks called “the splendid stone,” offers a timeless elegance capable of integrating perfectly into both modern and traditional designs. The veining of the marble becomes a modern, “interrupted” motif in the collection’s highly original brick effect.

Isla Tiles offers the North American market a vast range of design solutions, with a choice of colors and sizes, for unique, personalized spaces, whether residential or commercial.

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