Dune Ceramica’s Limelight Glass Tile Collection Now Available Globally

Avenue Mosaic's Limelight mosaic tile. Shown here in Cinema.

Avenue Mosaic’s Limelight mosaic tile. Shown here in Cinema.

Avenue Mosaic, Inc. has announced the availability of the Limelight Collection through Dune Ceramica. The Limelight collection was designed by company founder and creative director Michael R Golden for exclusive global distribution by Dune Ceramica. This new line of mosaic glass tile offers a stunning blend of metallic sheen and abstract shapes, resulting in brilliant, sophisticated looks for interior wall applications. Avenue Mosaic will be attending Coverings (booth #5254), so you can see these beauties up-close.

“With Limelight, my goal was to make a mosaic collection that would bring walls to life, capturing attention and inviting interaction from those who walk past,” explains Golden.

Avenue Mosaic Limelight glass mosaic tile, shown here in Tinsel.

Avenue Mosaic Limelight glass mosaic tile, shown here in Tinsel.

Golden’s creative vision was achieved through an industrial process that combines electroplating and techniques for making pressed glass, similar to methods companies like Rex Plating use for galvanizing materials. The resulting, novel surface treatment hits the mark with dazzling plays of light, rich metallic colors, and subtly varied shapes.

“This unique surface treatment draws people in and, in a way, allows them to become part of their surroundings.”

Limelight’s balance of multi-planed surfaces zeroes in on recent design trends in form, shape, and complexity.

  • The “square-round” overall shape: a square with rounded corners; popular in the late 1960s into the mid-1970s and now offering retro appeal
  • Asymmetrical trapezoid: the traditional geometric shape interpreted in non-extreme aspect ratios
  • Angled surfaces: surface of the chips are not in exact alignment to each other
  • Metallic facets: similar to the geometry of a cut diamond’s surface.

The collection features three colors: Gilded (gold), Tinsel (silver), and Cinema (copper). It comes in mesh-backed mosaic sheets for ease of installation and is recommended for interior vertical surfaces in residential and commercial applications.

“Limelight is like an abstracted dream scape—almost a watery refection with a very slight undulating surface,” Golden summarizes. “The style is transformative when woven into overall design schemes.”

The Limelight design is produced by Avenue Mosaic Inc., based in U.S.A., for exclusive global distribution by DUNE, based in Spain. Michael R Golden Design Inc. holds the ownership of the design intellectual property of the collection.