Introducing the New Giovanni Barbieri Porcelain Tile Collection

Dhyana | Design by Giovanni Barbieri

Dhyana | Design by Giovanni Barbieri

Marmore is a new range of porcelain tiles in which natural stone perfectly reflects a new balance between contemporary and timeworn surface texture.

Designed by Artisan Tile & Stone Designer Giovanni Barbieri, the surface is little worn, and the degree of polished surface is like a timeworn surface, making it easier to maintain/clean. Further, its low reflectivity – thanks to its polished surface – improves after installation.

This new series is dominated by the new size 48”x48” in five different stone shades, and a new Dhyana 3D Design by Barbieri on 24”x48” – a new generation of the successful Ambra design.

Manufactured by Tagina Ceramica in Umbria, this brand is part of Saxagres Industries, which specializes in new patented technology. Moreover, by recycling urban waste for porcelain tile production and being the first circular economy in this sector, which guarantees the Ecolabel certification of SAXA Gres products with the strongest Green element.

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