Iris Ceramica, Diesel Living Partner for New Tile Collections

Iris Ceramica and Diesel Living's Fence tile series.

Iris Ceramica and Diesel Living’s Fence tile series.

The Fiandre Group’s Brand Iris Ceramica, teamed up with the iconic lifestyle fashion brand Diesel Living to present their collaboration of new floor and wall solutions, inspired by industrial and modern urban design trends. Debuting for the first time in the U.S., the seven new eclectic ceramic and porcelain collections are Fence, Ribbed, Ribbed Oxide, Arizona Concrete, Grunge Concrete, Combustion Crackle and Shades of Blinds. Along with Diesel’s global fashion savvy and innovation, the final product was achieved together with Iris Ceramica’s technical expertise and manufacturing capabilities to produce unique high tech fashion forward architectural surfaces.

The new Diesel Living collections are now available for the U.S. market through the Fiandre Group’s own distributor, Transceramica as well as through its nationwide network of distributors. The collection will also soon be on display in Fiandre’s Chicago showroom.

The new tile collections respond to trends that show an increasing correlation between industrial, vintage fashion and interior design trends for a raw, metropolitan cutting edge look. The sleek styles and surface solutions are engineered for both commercial and contemporary residential projects.

While this is Diesel Living’s first foray into porcelain and ceramic surface solutions, the Diesel Living interiors collection also includes brand collaborations for furniture, lighting, kitchens, wooden floors and home accessories.

The new tile collections are in sync with Diesel’s fashion brand attributes, including the use of rough materials like metallics and concrete, contrasting shapes, geometric patterns, iridescent colors and textured treatments. Following are the product collection inspirations and descriptions:

Fence – Inspired by chain link fences, expanded sheet metal and metal mesh coatings. Color on color creates movement and a sexy solution. Colors and sizes (20×20) available in large mesh: white on white, grey on grey, black on black, and black on white. Micro Patterns: white on white, grey on grey, black on black, black on white.

Iris Ceramica and Diesel Living's Grunge tile series.

Iris Ceramica and Diesel Living’s Grunge tile series.

Ribbed – Inspired by old industrial window growth on the exterior glass of factories, refurbished with a coat of paint creating a suburban metropolitan feel. Diverse textures, such as metals and craquelé, along with ribbed patterns combine to create special effects and pluralism of form. Colors and sizes (60×20) available in white, grey, black, ash, taupe and tone on tone. Two structures: classic and with smaller glasses.

Ribbed Oxide – Inspired by oxidized corrugated sheet metal, many hues and shadows of color, dark & light effects- Chiaroscuro, shiny, rusty metal, and structured metal worn by time. Colors and sizes (10×20) available: white, grey, metal, bronze and rusty.

Shades of Blinds – Inspirations: Color on white. Sexy shades. Black on color. Elements seem to lower and rise and can wrap around each other. Trompe-l’oeil effects. Satin surfaces preserve intimacy. Dark, shiny and refined shades in white, green, grey, blue, black, pink and metal available in 10×30.

Iris Ceramica and Diesel Living's Combustion tile series.

Iris Ceramica and Diesel Living’s Combustion tile series.

Combustion crackle – Inspirations: Burnt, cracked wood, with traces of fire and the smell of smoke, showing the signs of time and wear. Floors inspired by wood worn by time. Available in three colors:  beige, brown and black and three finishes: Stains, Cracked and Depth well beyond the surface. (available in cm sizes: 120×30, 120×20, 120×15, 60×60)

Iris Ceramica and Diesel Living's Concrete tile series.

Iris Ceramica and Diesel Living’s Concrete tile series.

Arizona concrete – Inspirations: expressive shadows on smooth or rough concrete. Signs of the carpenter’s planks on the surfaces. Mystic rock. Saguaro Cactus. Linear and clean, or marked surfaces. Narrow and wide striped structures. Voids and solids between Grand Canyon and Cathedral Rock in the shades of light grey, black, anthracite and greige.(available in cm sizes: 120×60, 120×20, 120×30, 60×60, 60×30, and 15×30)

Grunge concrete – Hyper-realistic inspiration from damaged city concrete. Scratches, cracks, splits, scraping. and spoiled concrete. Decorations like graffiti.  Plays of light in four concretes: Black, white, light grey, greige, and dark grey in two patterns: one plain tile and one decorative. (available in cm sizes: 120×30, 120×20, 120×15, 60×60)