Lunada Bay’s Tomei Glass Tile Series Now Available in Neutrals

Lunada Bay Tile's new Tomei gray and beige tones expand design possibilities

Lunada Bay Tile’s new Tomei gray and beige tones expand design possibilities.

When Lunada Bay Tile recently updated its Tomei glass tile collection with five neutral hues in two finishes, design possibilities multiplied innumerably. The versatile new neutrals provide a solid foundation that promotes the use of color to create a mood – from conservative, to sophisticated, to passionate.

“Whether layering neutrals or using them as a backdrop to pop accents, they are an invaluable tool in interior design,” says Feras Irikat, director of design and marketing for Lunada Bay Tile. “Tomei’s new gray and beige additions have subtle undertone variances that make it easy to start with a clean canvas to be creative.”

Low-contrast neutrals like Stratus provide canvas to work with color palette

Low-contrast neutrals like Stratus provide the perfect 
canvas to work with color palette.

According to color theory psychology, low-contrast neutral colors imbue a room with sophisticated, luxurious elegance. These serene, comforting tones create a welcoming environment that is easy to embrace, while providing a background for optional pops of vibrant color. A neutral color scheme also harmonizes beautifully with any style décor, whether modern, traditional, eclectic or rustic. Combining both cool and warm neutrals in an installation creates a subtle feeling of dimension, as cool tones tend to visually recede and warm tones tend to visually advance.

The new colors—Linen, Stratus, Horizon, Pumice and Vapor—bring the Tomei collection to 24 colors in two finishes, natural (glossy) and silk (matte). Choose from two mosaic sizes, 1 x 1 and Falling Water; three field tile sizes, 3 x 6, 3 x 9 and 3 x 12; and a coordinating liner.