Mosaico+ Presents its First Porcelain Stoneware Collection: STICKS

Sticks from Mosaico+

Sticks from Mosaico+ is a porcelain stoneware collection; a system of matter + texture + sizes + colors that allows any kind of floor or wall surface to be rendered truly individual.

Designed by Massimo Nadalini, who also serves as the company’s Art Director, says the Sticks collection is a universal flooring surface (both indoor and outdoor), in combination with every Mosaico+ collection, thanks to the aesthetic characteristics of its colors and sizes.

Sticks is composed by a “basic stick” which measures 5x3cm and is available in two variants:

  • SMOOTH (in which a very subtle texture gives the material a hand-crafted air);
  • MIX (a random assortment of three different textures).

The “sticks,” boxed as loose pieces, can be used exactly as preferred, to create infinite installation solutions.

Sticks from Mosaico+

To expand even more the possible use of the collection, the sticks are subdivided several times into smaller sizes (1×3 cm and 1×10 cm) and mesh-mounted, completely transforming the initial surface.

Sticks is made from slabs of pressed material cut into the various collection sizes, with different surface finishes. Available tones: Plaster, Clay, Smoke, Coal.

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