New Tile Designs, Inspiration Await at Cersaie 2016


New Tile Designs, Inspiration Awaits at Cersaie 2016

The long-awaited first day of Cersaie has finally arrived! The annual tile and stone exhibition, located in the picturesque and historical city of Bologna, Italy, is set to serve as the launching pad for trend-setting designs, patterns, and materials for its global audience. Architects, designers, retailers, and distributors are just some of the clientele Cersaie receives.

Did You Know: The University of Bologna was the first university? It is the oldest in the world (founded in 1088), and is still going strong!

Although I won’t be attending Cersaie this year, thankfully I can rely on several contacts to help me spread the word about the new tiles you may be seeing soon in your local showrooms and design centers.

First up is Atlas Concorde with its Lifestyle Lab, “a concept area that surpasses the traditional division of space for an experience that combines beauty, functionality and wellness,” the company notes.

The key elements are floor and wall tiles inspired by various materials, including marble, stone, Venetian Terrazzo and fabric. Here’s a peek of what you can expect to see from Atlas Concorde:

3D Wall Tile | Series: Kite

3D Wall Tile | Series: Kite

3D Wall Tile | Series: Brick Atelier Bevel

Series: Brick Atelier Bevel

3D Wall Tile | Series: Marvel Gems

Series: Marvel Gems

3D Wall Tile | Series: Marvel Gems in Basaltina Carrara

Series: Marvel Gems in Basaltina Carrara

3D Wall Tile | Series: Mesh

3D Wall Tile | Series: Mesh

I hope you enjoyed the brief glimpse at tile designs that await at Cersaie!

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