Oceanside Glasstile, Island Stone Debut New Tile Collection


Shown is Oceanside Glasstile's and Island Stone's stone and glass mosaic tile in the dimensional Kinship collection. Design by: Cathy Aroz. Photo: Chipper Hatter

Shown is Oceanside Glasstile’s and Island Stone’s stone and glass mosaic tile, part of the new Kinship collection.
Design by: Cathy Aroz. Photo: Chipper Hatter

Collaboration is key in 2016 and true to that trend Oceanside Glasstile and Island Stone launch their new marriage of glass and stone. Anchored in beach culture and driven by a passion to create beautiful designs, the two companies pair the best of their offerings to create one stunning collection. Using four natural stones – grey sandstone, mint sandstone, silver quartzite and white marble – Oceanside Glasstile adds their molten magic to the union. The result? The beautiful Kinship tile collection of stunning stone and jewel-like glass.

Drawing inspiration from the coastal bluffs and epic point breaks of these kindred spirit’s backyards, Kinship’s Crescent piece has inspired two new patterns. Converge features a gentle cascade of pieces, while Lineage mimics the mild rise and fall of an ocean’s swell. Fully customizable with the entire Oceanside Glasstile palette, the Converge and Lineage patterns will also feature mint sandstone, grey sandstone, and silver quartzite.

Inspired by the subtle sand dunes of Indonesia’s cascading beaches, the Wedge piece offers an understated dimension with its gentle slopes and rounded edges. With two new fully customizable patterns, Origin and Unison stand in opposition. Where Origin offers a random pattern, Unison offers harmony through a timeless linear placement. Whatever your design goals may be, the new Origin and Unison patterns are available in the entire Oceanside Glasstile color palette, as well as, white marble, silver quartzite or grey sandstone.

Kinship’s third and final new pattern, Abode, is a nod to the timeless nature of an offset brick. Featuring a 1 1/4″ x 4 1/8″ mosaic rectangle, Abode is fully customizable with all four new stones and the entire Oceanside Glasstile color palette. Abode captures your eye through free-flowing movement of glass to stone, providing added flexibility to this collections design opportunities.

Oceanside Glasstile wanted to ensure Kinship was not only beautiful, but also easy to install. The dimensional pieces have a robust paint on the back, which is precision mounted with mesh and glue. This mounting system opens up their entire color palette – translucent and opaque – to the Kinship Collection.