Sicis Cultivates Emotions with its Mosaic Tile Art, Designs

Sicis at Cersaie 2019

Sicis has brought innovation and creativity to Cersaie, authentic products in conversation between art and design.

The mosaic, in all its forms and materials, lives and breathes through the ideas of designers, always looking for new intuitions, a language that can elaborate incredible scenarios.

Sicis at Cersaie 2019

From moments of pure genius and dialogues, exchanges between R&D and artisans to understand the techniques to use and how to push them further: this is how real and definitive projects are born. Walls in which you can immerse yourself, no more surfaces but new realities.

Together with ocean floors, imaginary worlds and enchanted forests, we can find ambiances with mosaic surfaces in geometric patterns, where tiles from different collections, in contrasting tones or in black and white and in gold and silver, combine to shape designs characterized by neat lines and reassuring figures, which tell the story of the materials they are made of and the hands that created them.

Sicis at Cersaie 2019

During Cersaie, Sicis presents new collections of Vetrite, a product born from the elaboration of a pure material, the glass. Slabs with a soul of polymers from which extraordinary textures emerge, tactile sensations and shapes obtained through complex processes, surfaces where the design starts from the inside.

Not only a covering with high technical properties and great aesthetic effect, but also a new way of thinking elegant and original furniture and environments.

Sicis says it believes in the power of workers and strong relationships to find new answers to the challenges that the artistic and inventive vein of the company must face, with a mature and pragmatic vision on the world of design and contemporary architecture; designers, craftsmen, master mosaicists, engineers, and physicists.

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